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February 07 2011

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Aronofsky portrays yet another obsessive personality so well and with such beautiful cinematic grace. I may be partial but this guy hasn't made a bad film, even if "The Fountain" was a bit boring. In a departure from the dazzling visual effects of "The Fountain" however, "Black Swan" has subtle and tasteful displays; computer manipulated portrayals of the stress induced psychosis of Portman's character. Her performance is elegant yet powerful in conveying the extreme focus and physical/mental abuse that is requisite of any professional endeavor. Hershey and Kunis give great support and the always sinister Cassel delivers brilliantly as a smarmy yet good intentioned ballet director. Like most of Aronofsky's tales, this one builds to a stunning climax that had me wanting a second viewing immediately.
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This could have been a very gripping, intense film about the depressing reality of a community in the grips of a rampaging Meth epidemic. Winter's Bone however falls short of actually drawing out the emotional disparity and broken family relations that accompany such tragedy. The elements were there and some of the performances were strong, but I found myself constantly staring at my watch wondering when the pace was going to pick up. The flat photography and dry dialogue served to further zap this film of any interesting quality. And I'm sorry but lines like "We have our ways, and you have broken our rules. You must now be outcast." are so played out and lame that I was left scratching my head when this film was heralded by critics and nominated in both the Globes and the Oscars.
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Despite their ubiquity lately, I'm a sucker for Boston accents. That aside though the performances in this movie are spot on. Christian Bale takes a nice reprieve from his typified obsessive characterization and really sells the Dicky Eklund personality. Wahlberg is great as always, Amy Adams plays well as a feisty Irish girl and the supporting performances from Melissa Leo and Jack McGee round out the family dynamic of this boxing drama perfectly. I don't know what it is about boxing, or films about boxing, that are so exhilarating but this one does it so well.

November 29 2010


November 14 2010


Whatever bubbles, bubbles up.

Hello world!  What better way to bubble up to the surface of the soup?  I'm not sure what will be included in my broth but I imagine it will be tons of photos from the road.  My wife and I fortunate in that, because of her job, we get to travel several times a year.  We're currently living in Salisbury, MD (blah!) but she just signed a contract that will be taking us to Tampa, FL.  We picked Tampa for no other reason than to be snow birds, especially after the winter we had in Baltimore last year. 

A quick synopsis - we've been doing the traveling thing for almost three years now.  We started in southern California, went on to San Franciso from there, then on to Albuquerque, NM and then to Portland, OR. 

We had to return to Baltimore, where I grew up and where we spent the first four years of married life, to sell our house.  Now that that's done we've started to travel again despite the little Salisbury hiccup.  We're hoping to ultimately make it back to the Pacific Northwest, we'll see...

August 02 2010

The Daily Show Looks at Ethically-Challenged Democrats

With the possible exception of Republicans, no major political party knows how to bend moral principles to the point of near-snapping better than the Democrats.

The Death of Cap and Tax

We refer to the failure of cap and tax, which Mr. Obama once modestly promised would signal "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal." Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gave the plan, if not the planet, up for dead this month.

Hiroshi Ishiguro Creates His Creepiest Robot Yet (VIDEOS)

Sure, creating freakish humanoid clones is Hiroshi Ishiguro's primary hobby, but his latest work takes a couple steps outside the Uncanny Valley.

Sun Puts on a Spectacular Eruption Show (Vid)

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a trio of awesome solar phenomena on August 1. A sunspot gave rise to a solar flare which erupted nearly simultaneously with a huge magnetic filament. A solar tsunami can also be seen emanating from the flare...
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